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    Pagination Issues in Pages
    Hey All,

    I have a couple of pagination (page numbering) issues in Pages 08.

    First, I need to be able to number certain preliminary pages in my document with lower case Roman numerals (ii, iii, iv, etc.) instead of standard numbers. I also need to start with page ii, not page i. I can manually number one page, but then it carries over to all the other pages...

    Second, later in this same document, I have a series of chapters. I need to number these pages with standard Arabic numbers starting with page 1 (of this text, not the preliminary, Roman numeral numbered pages). However, the first page of each chapter needs to be located in the lower center of the page, with subsequent pages in the upper right hand corner - I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this.

    I'm sure I can do all of this by hand, creating individual files and whatnot, but this is going to be a 300 page document (doctoral thesis) and I'd really rather not have to do that.


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    I'm not sure you can do all you're asking with Pages 08. Which is one reason why I gave up using it. I've had a difficult enough time figuring out how to do correct pagination using MS Word. Yes, you could do it manually but with a 300 page dissertation it could become a daunting task very quickly!

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, perhaps someone else will have some input for you.


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    Pages 09 can do it... does 08 have the "Insert > Auto Page Numbers…" menu item?

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    chscag, thanks for your input, even if you can't help. I understand your frustrations with Word. That why I ordered iWork with my Mac instead of Office when I made the PC -> Mac jump about two years ago.

    Aptmunich, I looked for that set of commands and could not find it. The closest thing I can find is Insert > Page Number but it just inserts the number, it doesn't bring up the menu you have shown here. I can't find that menu anywhere. Is Pages 09 significantly better than / different from 08?

    If we are unable to figure this out, do you think it would be worth my time to take this problem to the local Genius Bar? I've never been there before.

    Thanks again.

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