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    iWeb question
    Hi guys!
    I'm relatively new on macs, and totally love them.
    I just created my first website on iWeb and it's uploaded and worked perfect. My problem is how to create a second language version on the same site?

    If you know how to do this, please help me!
    I'm not sure if to create a new website on iWeb, and upload both with the same FTP info, or that would be a disaster? If it's not that way, how should I do it?

    Thanks a lot!!

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    If you mean starting a whole new iWeb project by "creating a new website", then I must advice you against using the same FTP info. A risk you are facing then, is that iWeb will use the same names for the pages in both languages. Thus, uploading one version of the site will then overwrite the other language, still leaving you with only one site.

    If you are uploading to an FTP site, you should change the Directory/Path bit in the settings (by clicking on "Site" in the filetree showing you all website pages.) You could, for instance append this path to include a folder for the other language, Es for Spanish, or Ge for German, for instance.
    example: would go to the English version while would then go to the German site. The downside to this method is that iWeb will not give you the option to share the images across both languages, as far as I know. So if you have a page with images, the images would be uploaded twice, once for each site. This is not ideal for your web storage space, but I have not found a way to get two iWeb sites to share pictures.

    If you would like to have users select the language in the first place, you could do the same trick for the first language too (english in my example).
    Then you append a folder named EN to the directorypath.

    This results in -> english and ->german.
    Now, you could upload one last webpage to the root directory (without the extra language folder.) On this page, you then create two links, one to English and one to German, and you upload that to the original location of your first language site. Then would give a visitor the choice to go to either or

    More advanced code, such as javascript could then even be used to swap between the different languages of your site, but that is much beyond the scope of this question, I guess.

    Hope its of any help. Don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.

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