Hey all, I recently went on a trip and used iPhoto to store my photos and videos. I had a lot of problems with it, though, and found out that I can only view the thumbnails and not the full photos or videos. When I try to view the photos, I get a big ? sign instead. I tried to rebuild my library, but that didn't help.

The data for the photos show that they have the expected filesize for each of the photos, but the videos all say 0K, yet there is about 40 GB of space being used on my Macbook, so clearly the videos are taking up more that 0K of space.

To make matters worse, somehow the files on my SD card were deleted, probably by iPhoto, so I had to recover the photos using some software on my PC. However, the video files won't play after being recovered. The only hope I seem to have to get my video files is to somehow recover them on iPhoto, but I'm not sure what to do. Does anybody have some info that could help me out?