here is the screenshot of my desktop trying to get geektool weather to work

i tried a script that someone posted and still no go ... nothing every populates .. the weather icon shows but never the temperature ... as u can see the empty box to the right

i followed these directions and still no go
YouTube - CoolEnufForaMac's Channel

my zip is 10312 .. i copied the url and also rss feed link and still never works .. the date and time all works fine .. just the weather i cannot get to work ...

i also tried to put a script for calendar but the dates and the days of the week do not line up correctly

i am also having an issue with geektool starting on system reboot .. i have to manually start the program from the menu icon i have on desktop

i went to accounts and login apps and have geektool select but still nothing ..

any help please .. i have been trying to get this fixed for days

is there an issue with the app itself ... should i delete and reinstall???

here is the script i tried for weather that someone posted and it still doesnt work for me
curl --silent "" | grep -E '(Current ConditionsF<BR)' | sed -e 's/Current Conditions://' -e 's/<br \/>//' -e 's/<b>//' -e 's/<\/b>//' -e 's/<BR \/>//' -e 's///' -e 's/<\/description>//'
: | with no spaces should be where the smiley face is .. it converted that .. haha