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    creating a flyer with Word or??
    I have Microsoft 2004 and want to create a promotional flyer with my mac. I just spent almost 2 hours searching the net for free Mac friendly flyer templates and found ZERO that were readable on my iMac and close to what I need. So back to the drawing board as I do not have Pages... Need a vertical one so PowerPoint won't work. Also need one with several spots for images. I am not the most tech savvy person but I am trying to learn.

    If there is a free downloadable software that is Mac friendly or a template available I would appreciate the help.

    thank you!

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    Note: Moved to appropriate forum.

    Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates for Office 2004, 2008 for the Mac are readily available from MS as free downloads. Note that the templates can be used for both the Mac and Windows versions of Office. Go to the following LINK and download what you need.


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