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Thread: Mac Mail Program ? on Tiger

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    Question Mac Mail Program ? on Tiger
    2 Quick questiion:

    I am using yahoo as a web based E-mail.

    1) Can I retireve my mail in my mac mail program, if so, what do I use for incoming/outgoing mail servers?
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    2) I use another web based E-mail through a hobbiest site called

    My incoming mail is working fine with this incoming mail sever:

    What would I use for an outgoing mail sever to send E-mails? The admin. told me to use the same sever name for both(, but it doesn't work. He's baffled and so am I.

    I know that it askes for for an exapmle, I tried that with no luck either.

    Thanks guys!

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    1.) Log into the Yahoo Mail section and click on "Help Desk". It should be in the menu bar on the left side. Under Premium Services it says "Pop access and forwarding". Click that and it should be able to answer your questions, however it does require a $30 yearly fee.

    2.) I use my ISP's SMTP server. If you don't know what yours is, check their webpage help or FAQ section.

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