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    Animating ONE bullet with Key note

    Does any body know how to add animation/actions to ONE particular bullet in a bullet group.

    I dont want any actions in whole the group. I just want this bullet to scale and then use magic move on it for my next slide.

    Is there any *mac* way to do it? or should I use the brute force approach and split the bullet group in two?

    Thanks for your help

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    I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but you can tell Keynote which bullets should be subject to a certain animation (eg. build in or build out).

    To do so, open the inspector where you can animate the group and select a build in, build out or action option. If you select the animation, you can then select a delivery method, which is by default all at once. Change this to one bullet at a time. Then you can select which bullets need to be animated in the "build from" part of that menu. By default, this will animate from first to last, but you can change this from first to say first, for only the first bullet, or from 2 to 3 in order to animate only the second and third bullet.

    I am however not sure if this also works for magic move. Magic move calculates its movement path based on the presence of 1 single object on two different slides. You could try copying the bullet block over to the next slide and deleting the unnecessary bullets, but I am not sure if Magic Move is smart enough to understand what you want it to do with the other bullets then.

    Hope I've been of any help.

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