My descriptions:

1. early 90's mac game I used to play. It's like you're in a back yard and can do various things.

One of the activities: you go over to a sandbox, and you (from a birds-eye view) you can drive this bull-dozer around and dig around in the sand and find treasure.

Also, you can play tic-tac-toe.

2. It's an elementary math game. The 'host' is some robot guy, and you're on his submarine. Things I remember (minigames):

Catching falling coins that were certain multiples or something

Launching cannonballs on to seals noses representing powers of 10

An aquarium where you keep fish and buy stuff with your earned money

An thing where you drive around, sometimes you encounter mines and the robot dude is like MINES!

One involving encountering various geometric shapes on the ocean's surface

3. You're a red ball. Food is falling all around you and you can catch it for points. Butter is a shield, coffee is a life, some things are poisonous.

Thanks for reading