Hey all,

Since nearly everyone on the university still uses MS Office, I have decided to use Office for Mac as my Office Suite instead of iWork. This said and done, I ordered myself a copy and all works well.

However, I noted a few issues when I was writing a paper in English. Apparently I have a Dutch copy of Office. Now, this isn't much of a big deal, I can find my way around the menus. As long as my document language is set to English, the pre-defined texts (Quick parts, or whatever they are called in English) such as the headers or closing lines are nicely translated in English.

This does not apply to the table of contents or bibliography, though. After inserting either of these, the titles will be displayed in Dutch. Does anyone know if I can change this to English? (Even if it means altering some default template for these two document elements... I'd rather have the default be English than Dutch, as I usually type in English).