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Thread: RSS reader like google reader?

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    RSS reader like google reader?
    Ive been using google web-reader for a while and I just love the simplicity of it.
    Ive tried some different RSS software for mac, but they are all terible, compared to google reader.
    Some even offer nice sync with google, but they still lack the best part - viewing feeds in Google reader is as easy as scrolling the mouse wheel.
    Why do they all need to have these 3column view? I dont understand how this can be used by anybody. I mean, why click a hundret times?
    I know netnewswire has this layuot as google reader, but its not quite that. With many feeds you need to click (yes!! click again please!!!) to next pages, and with my number of feeds reaching hundrets this seems like a nasty joke.

    Maybe someone has found anything that is as simple and obvious as google reader for Mac? I mean, I like the web app, its just that it would be nicer to have a native soft.
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    Why don't you use the RSS Visualizer screensaver? Just input the RSS adresses you want to read regularly into the options screen for it and set a hot corner for your screensaver. That's what I did.

    In case you don't know what to do then go to "System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> RSS Visualizer (under Apple)" then select options and put the url of the RSS you want into the "Feed URL" box. Then go to "System Preferences -> Expose & Spaces -> Expose" and open the drop down beside the corner you want your screensaver to be assigned to (I use the bottom right) and select screensaver from this menu.

    If you do that every time you swipe your cursor into the corner you picked the RSS reader screensaver will appear and run through the days articles. Maybe the idea doesnt appeal to you but I hope it helps.

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