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    I am looking for a simple solution to connect my macbook pro to my work mac. They are not on the same network so they will have to connect by the web or direct by IP. both computers have routers and are on a dynamic IP so I am looking for a way to get past all that.

    What I want to do is remote into my work computer, do what I need to do on the mac, upload it to the web and log off. So it will need some sort of screen sharing. I was looking at Mac's Remote Desktop 3 but all it talks about is on your own network. I need to control my work computer outside of my network.

    Any direction on this would be great! Thanks...

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    The most common way is to setup a secure VPN connection to your work network, any chance your company already has that set up?

    There is also something referred to as virtual vpn. I have used the client called Hamachi (or LogMeIn Hamachi, or just he LogMeIn network), I've used it to play Counter Strike with a small group of friends, but what the technology behind it is in fact a vpn network over the internet. Might be worth a shot. The downside is that it needs to be running on your work computer, meaning you have to be logged in. But it's a simple-to-use terminal utility.

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