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    Pages: Vertical Centering?
    I am a newbie to Pages, and I've run across a problem that is really aggravating because it should not be rocket science... but it seems to be, at least for me.

    Let's suppose you're writing a letter and it only takes up two paragraphs. You have about a third of the page as white space, which means that everything below your text, to the bottom of the page, is blank.

    To make it look presentable, you want to center the text on the page so there is equal white space above and below it.

    In Word for Windows, you select File --> Page Setup --> Layout --> Vertical Alignment and choose "Center." Done.

    How in the world do you do this Pages? I've scoured the manual and online help and can find nothing on this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Vertical Centering of Text in Pages
    Create a text box on your page. Type your text in the box. Highlight text in box. Use inspector. Click on the T for text and to the right you have the option to align text to top, center or bottom.

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