Good day,

In Safari (both Leopard & Snow Leopard) I download a PDF and it previews inside of the browser. When I go to print, I set the scaling from 100% to 90% to account for 3-hole paper on the left-side. However, the scaling does not center on the page but instead pushes everything to the left.

If I save the PDF and open it in Preview, it gets more interesting. On Leopard, I have the same problem, pushing the document to the left instead of centering. In Snow Leopard, Preview centers the image automatically - which is the desired behavior.

I can open the PDF in Adobe or another reader and it scales correctly and in the center.

Does anyone have a solution for the Safari or Preview issues? I know using another PDF reader solves it but I'm trying to solve it within Safari or Preview (Leopard version) for one of our customers.


I have the same issue. When I open a PDF in Safari, I can scale it but it doesn't center the PDF but instead left-aligns it. When I open the document in Preview (Leopard, not Snow Leopard), the same thing happens.

What I want is to set the scaling and have the document centered. I can use Adobe or another PDF reader to solve the problem but I'm hoping there is a Safari or Preview fix.

Did you ever find a solution? If so I'd love to hear it.

Good luck!