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Thread: Automaticlly Generating List of Files in a Folder?

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    Automaticlly Generating List of Files in a Folder?
    Is there any way to make a list of files in a folder, and have the list automatically and continuously populate itself? i.e. List file (maybe an .xls file, for example) shows files A, B, C. When I add file D to the folder the list draws data from, D shows up in the file along with A, B, and C the next time I open the list file / refresh it.

    Wasn't sure if there would be some combination of inputs or formulas in Excel or Numbers to accomplish this. Tried searching this forum; didn't find anything.

    If that's not possible, not the end of the world. Just curious. Thanks for any help

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    Well... I am not sure if you can do that through Excel.

    BUT, you can probably write a quick script with Python that when it runs it will save the output (File Names) into a text, maybe even an xls file.

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    Mike, if you can do that, you are good!

    And clue us in on the solution, if you find one.

    But, it's not too difficult to do a list. So when you need it updated, generate a new one.

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    I believe you can do this using a custom Automator workflow or Applescript as a Folder action. I'm not at my Mac at the moment to experiment some, but here are a couple Google hits that may give some ideas. The first in particular details how to get a notification when a folder's contents are altered using a script. It should be simple to adapt that into the creation of a list.
    Folder Actions - Get Notified When a File Is Added to a Folder
    Force Folder Actions to notice changed files - Mac OS X Hints
    Apple - Support - Discussions - Trigger Folder Action on File/Folder ...

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