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    Two Annoying Problems
    Hi Folks,

    I have two small annoying problems that I can not seem to resolve with my Macbook. I am using Word 2008.

    1) Whenever I open Word, the standard toolbar is hidden, even though the box is item is checked in the pull down menu. This is true no matter what view I select, for example, print layout, or draft. I have tried every kind of Word preference, view option sort of thing I can. I tried re-installing Word and have the same problem. Any ideas?

    2) I live in Switzerland. Whenever I open google, it defaults to a German setting. I have changed the Google language search settings numerous times--it always defaults to German. How can I make Google search English sites permanently?

    Many thanks,


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    Hi: Welcome to the forums.

    1. If the normal template does not have the standard toolbar checked off, each time you create a new document it will default to not showing. Or your normal template could be corrupt. The only cure for a corrupt normal template is to remove the old one. Word will create a new one upon restarting.

    2. Google "senses" your location and automatically uses the language of that location. What might work is to change your locale settings in System Preferences. That might not be a good thing to do though if you want to use your Mac with German being the default language.


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