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Thread: Grapher help

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    Grapher help
    Hello. I'm using Grapher for a math assignment and I need to graph 3d line segments. I tried to mess around with the app but I could not find out how. Could anyone explain to me how I can graph 3d line segments with the app? Thanks.

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    I don't know anything about this "Grapher" application but if you download geogebra (its freeware btw) theres a giant bar down the bottom where you just input the mathematical function and voila, c'est tout. Anyway, it'd probably be an easier program to use from the sound of it.

    If thats not an option you could always ask the person who recommended that you use "Grapher" how they use it, if anyone should know its him/her.

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    @Hug_Addict: Grapher comes with OSX, it's in utilities so chances are, no1 recommended this app to Honibaz

    @Honibaz: If I remember correctly, when you start the application, doesn't it prompt you with a selection of 2D/3D graphs? Just restart the application or start a new project so you can select you want a 3D environment

    And of course you can try out Geogebra as Hug_Addict suggested

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