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    random problem with safari text
    kind of a weird problem.... so when im using safari, and typing messages in a social network, or putting text into something on that web page, randomly while i type the message will get highlighted (as if i double clicked the whole thing to copy it or something) and of course i type the next letter and it deletes everything leaving just the last letter i typed. it happens so fast i usually dont catch it. i can edit-undo typing. but that is annoying. ive had to do that twice while typing this message

    this problem started a few weeks ago, and the only thing i can discern that was different on my computer before the problem was the installation of "better touch tool". after i installed that i started to notice it

    running 4.0.5 safari
    10.6.3 os x
    i installed the latest security update
    aluminum macbook before it became officially the macbook pro

    im about to permission fix the disk and see if that helps

    any ideas? id rather not delete the better tool unless i have to because i enjoy customizing the swipes on my trackpad


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    It could be that while you are typing you are brushing the trackpad with your hand.
    I've had a similar quirk a couple of times when using my macbook and typing, all of a sudden the arrow zipped from the center to the screensaver hotcorner, activating the screensaver.
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    haha no thats not it. i thought that for a second, but im definitely not hitting the track pad. its not set up to tap anyway

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