Dear all,

I have a query about my gmail IMAP mail on Entourage (v. 2008) which I was wondering if anyone could help me with.

On Friday night, rather annoyingly, I had a major system crash - i.e. requiring complete erase, reinstall, restore from time machine etc. This was a huge problem for me because I work from home and my entire livelihood relies on my computer and my ability to send and receive emails.

Thankfully I managed to get the OS reinstalled and my files recovered (after lots of annoying time spent messing around with the boot disk, Terminal and my backup drives!).

When I restarted Entourage for the first time after the 'crash' it retained my email settings, but just will not download the messages to my inbox from the imap server. It's very strange, you see, when I get new emails, it receives them absolutely fine, as normal, and downloads them to Entourage for viewing. But all the previous emails (which are still on the gmail imap server - I checked using online mail), are not downloading to Entourage. The whole point of me deciding to use gmail with IMAP and not POP was so that the messages would be stored on the server, so that in the event of a computer failure, my emails would be safe and could just be re-downloaded to my computer. Oddly though, Entourage has managed to re-download all the emails in the other folders of the IMAP server - e.g. sent items, drafts, "All Mail" etc. Just not the Inbox! And that's the folder I want because it has all my previous message history in it!

It's not a major problem - I can still send and receive emails, but I have no message history, which can be important in my line of work (for proof of deadlines and orders etc.).

Any suggestions? If I've not made myself clear at all, just tell me and I'll try to explain better!