On to new hobby. Flying a small plane anywhere in the world, at any altitude.

I'm sure others have been doing this, but here's how I do it:

2. Go to the site you want to fly over

3. Zoom down to a reasonable viewing altitude - say 2000 ft.

4. Go to TOOLS, open FLIGHT SIMULATOR, choose type of aircraft

When you do this, you are pointing straight down, so you will have to pull the nose up immediately.
5. Use the 4-button arrow cluster for controlling the plane. You'll have 
to become familiar with the directions, but really simple. Throttle controls 
at PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN, flaps use [ and ]

6. Of course it helps if you know how to fly a small plane, but this 
should be easy to pick up for non-pilots.

So far, I've cruised up the Nile, flown around Mt. Everest, and lots 
of other fun trips.