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    Question iTunes equalizer
    I like to have my songs set with the Bass Booster equalizer setting, but whenever a new song is uploaded it has "None" selected as the setting. Whenever I used to upload a new song(s) they would automatically have the bass booster setting. I messed around with a few setting a month or so ago, and the setting doesn't apply anymore. I know it's possible to have every song on one setting, but I'm not sure how... because when I first had iTunes, everything was on Flat. I hate having to change the setting over when putting in a new song (because usually I forget and have to go in later to change it). How can I make bass booster my overall equalizer setting?

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    First off, I am not 100% sure on this solution, but as far as I can tell, this works for me. (Keep your equalizer window open during playback to verify, you'll see the settings change.)

    In the iTunes music library panel, hold down the control-key and click on the topbar which lists the columns, such as Title, Artist, etc. Then, a small menu should open, allowing you to pick the visible columns. Make sure the "Equalizer" column is visible.

    Songs with a pre-defined equalizer will then show its settings, and songs without wlil show a blank box with 2 arrows.

    I found out that if you select a song with no equalizer (the option None) and then set your equalizer to a certain setting (eg. Rock), iTunes will see this as the default setting for all songs with no-equalizer predefined.

    So to get a default equalizer, find a song with no equalizer setting programmed, or set one song's equalizer to "None". Then, if not open yet, open the equalizer panel. Select the preset you would like to use as default.

    After that, it should be safe to select an equalizer setting for this song again.

    Hope it helps.

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