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    Question I need help with pages
    ok, so I just got iwork '08 and when I open up pages and chose a template none of the colours seem to be working properly. for example, the attachment is what is looks like when i open a "classic brochure". and when I add my own pictures the colours look the same. what's going on?? this is the first time i've used it so don't understand what i could have done...
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    I figured out what was the problem.

    I have iWork '08 which I bought for my MacBook with 10.5 Leopard. I then upgraded to 10.6 Snow Leopard and suddenly all font colors in the iWork apps were inverted.
    I tried everything from reinstalling iWork to completely erase my HDD and start over. But nothing solved the problem. Only thing I apparently never did was updating the iWork apps via Software Update. After I did that everything is fine now.

    It seems like the combination of iWork '08 and Snow Leopard inverts the font colors which gets fixed with a simple iWork update.

    Now I ask myself why I haven't updated iWork in the last 3 month...
    Pages: Colors inverted - Mac Forums
    As the person above did, try doing a software update via the apple menu and see if that will help.
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