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    Unhappy CoolBook & MBP 13 - What do I need to do?!
    Hey all,

    I'm having a problem with CoolBook. I got the beta version that the Dev himself said should be supported by the just refreshed MBP 13. I downloaded it, registered my key, but I can't seem to change squat! The tabs left of B/2 and bottom left from it don't open up when I click on them. Pressing "default" just brings up a bunch of voltage settings with 0 clock speeds.(Shown in the first screenshot attached. Pressing "clear" just blanks out all those settings. Outlining any setting and pressing "add" just causes it to disappear. Then pressing "set" just causes OS X to prompt me to enter my password. But afterward, nothing!

    Am I doing something wrong? The developer of CoolBook said he's sent this beta version to other MBP 13 (2010) owners and they reported no problems. Could use some tips here if I'm missing something!
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