G'day all. I'm very much new to the Mac (and this forum, first post, yeah!). I bought my iMac a few weeks ago and got myself a copy of aperture 3. So far I'm loving both the mac and Aperture. One thing got me puzzled though. I previously used Google's picasa on the PC and it allowed me to switch between a 'faces' cropped photo and the whole photo without any effort. I'd see the 'face' of an unnamed person, clicked on a little icon and the whole photo where this face appears in would show itself, allowing me to quickly see the face in context (to check whether it was Bert or Ernie, 2 brothers who look very similar. One glance at the whole photo would help me assign the correct name). I would also see the caption of the photo right there and then which again would assist in assigning the correct name to the face.

In Aperture 3, in the faces inspector pane, all I can do is assign the name to the unnamed face, skip it or tick the 'not a face' option. Does anybody know of a way to quickly jump from the faces inspector pane to the whole photo that holds the unnamed face without having to search all the photo's in an album for that one unnamed face? I looked everywhere for an answer but have not been able to locate one. Can you help?