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    Final Cut Studio Serial Number
    I have a favor to ask of anyone here who is kind enough to help me out. I bought a copy of the Final Cut Studio, but i lost my serial number for it. My cleaning lady threw out the box and manuals. This is extremely frustrating because now my Studio is worthless without the serial number. I was hoping if anyone had a serial number they could give me or a generic one that will work for all copies. It would mean a great deal to me, so i won't have to buy a whole new copy and spend all that money. Thanks so much.

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    Contact Apple, they will have your serial number on record when you registered it.

    If you never registered it (which would have been monumentally stupid, sorry) then you are very likely out of luck. You might be able to get s SN out of Apple but I doubt it.

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    If you did not register it. Then your only recourse. Is to talk with Apple to see if you can return the disks for a new sets, with the pass codes.

    Your best bet is to talk with Apple about your problem. I don't think you are going to get any help here, in getting a license code.
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    Yup I had to do that myself, the serial numbers were lost and I just sent in my disks to prove I had them. Apple sent me a complete new boxed set.

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