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Thread: Mac Mail: Delete and Undo

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    May 03, 2010
    Mac Mail: Delete and Undo
    Hello there,

    Has anyone else encountered this problem: when you delete text you've written in Mail and hit 'Undo', instead of undoing the deletion, Mail undoes whatever action you performed PRIOR to the deletion.

    This is particularly unfortunate if you accidentally hit Command at the same time as Delete, as Mail will then delete the entire line, which you then have to remember and type all over again. I know it's a small matter, but when it happens it's pretty infuriating.

    Why on earth can Mail not undo deletions? Is there a way to configure Mail so that it does?



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    Nov 16, 2010
    Totally agree with you. But I think the feature is somewhere but we are missing it.

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