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    Time Machine restoring applications w/ serial numbers?
    First I am new to the forums and would appreciated any help! I am trying to install windows onto my mac for gaming purposes, but my hard disc is too fragmented to partition 30 gigs for windows.
    I have a time machine backup of my harddrive. My plan was to zero out my HD, reinstall snow leopard, and then restore my HD from my time machine backup.

    My question is: will I have to re-input my serial keys for all the applications that I have bought such as Microsoft office and djay that initially require serial numbers? I moved recently and I'm not sure where my cd cases with the serial numbers are. It would be a pain to go through all my stuff to find the keys if my time machine backup restores them anyways! Thanks!

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    No. If you restore from Time Machine there will be no need to activate or register again with serial numbers. Only if you reinstall an application from anew again would you have to do that.


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    Thanks! I ended up doing it tonight and it feels faster than before too

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