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Thread: Closer to being able to use mobile me alias on iPhone..

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    Closer to being able to use mobile me alias on iPhone..
    Well, I was trying to figure out how to allow my mobile me alias email address to be able to have its own inbox on my iphone, which I had read wasnt possible not too long ago. After playing around for a while, I decided to make a dummy gmail account that I don't plan to use, then set it up in mail on my mac computers and also set up the gmail account on my iphone as you would if you were setting up your actual gmail account. After that you go into mail and go into preferences, go to rules, and set a rule to move your emails for you alias account into to your gmail account inbox, which will then allow you to view your alias's emails on your iphone in the gmail inbox. (the rule would be something like this to move your alias into your gmail inbox:

    You may also choose to create another inbox and set a rule to move the dummy accounts emails to another inbox in the event that the gmail (or whichever service) begins to get spam, then you can eliminate any additional spam that may come from gmail, etc. That rule would look something like this.

    I have tested it all and it works just fine, except for the fact that I dont believe you can reply from the alias's email address from the iPhone, you can only receive the emails in the separate inboxes, but from mail on your mac you can reply from whichever email address you choose. However from the iPhone, as far as I can tell right now, you would have to reply from your main mobile me address or any other address you have on your iphone (gmail, yahoo, etc.).

    If there is any way around this I certainly would love to know, and I am sure others would too. Feel free to discuss..

    I've also read that iPhone OS 4 will support mobile me alias's.

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