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    Copying a DVD on a Mac
    I recently recorded a docu from my digi box to my Sony GX300 DVD recorder. I want to copy this to another DVD disc for a friend, but when I stick the disc in my Mac, it doesn't mount or play?

    Does anyone have any ideas of software that can rectify this?


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    i may be wrong, but on your dvd dvd recorder, do you have to finalize the dvd to make it playable in normal/computer dvd players? i have to do this with my panasonic? have you done this? (note that even if you dont finalize it, it will still be playable by your sony dvd recorder)...might be this might not, i dont know.

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    probably is the fact that you need to finalize...if you did finalize not all burt dvd's will work in all dvd players, sometimes 'it just dont work'
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    i dont remember

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