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    iTunes consolidated song listing
    Over the years I've collected a rather large number of music CDs, and recently have begun converting them to MP3. I was trying to find a way to produce a list of all the albums/songs in my iTunes lirary--so I know which ones I've already done--but have had only limited success. Does anyone know of a way I can create such a list, rather than the sad alternative of taking a screen shot, scrolling down and continuing this process. Thanks

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    There are two solutions: you can use the print feature in iTunes and export a list as a pdf or you can use a third party app and export it as an html file.

    Select Library from the Source menu on the left side in the iTunes app. Then, in the menu bar, go to File, and click Print. Modify the settings as to how you would like the layout of your list to look like. Now, click on Print, don't worry, this won't print anything just yet. The next window should then allow give you the option to save as a pdf or you can click Preview and save that to the desktop.

    Third Party App:
    iTunes Publisher would be the second best solution, if you prefer another file format like html, and it's free.

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    I tried the print method within iTunes, and it worked just like I wanted it to. Just wanted to say thanks.

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    I've been using Publisher for a while.

    any way to export the list to a Word document?

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