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Thread: Simple website building software?

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    Simple website building software?
    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations of simple (preferably free, or very cheap) software for making simple webpages. I'm a TA and all I'm trying to do is make a webpage for a course, with links to a bunch of pdfs and stuff like that. I've successfully done it, but my method is very tedious-- I am writing the html directly into textedit, and I'm having trouble with little things like whenever I close a .txt file and open it again it opens as a webpage display instead of showing me the source code, even though I specifically chose to make the file plain text when I created it. So I have to keep recovering the source code from the internet. It works, but its very annoying.

    What I'm looking for is some program that will allow me to organize a bunch of files in a folder structure, and help me easily make links to each one on the page, as well as doing some basic formatting of the webpage. (I'm running Leopard).

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    iWeb seems like the most obvious suggestion. It's part of iLife and bundled with your Mac.

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    If you want to focus more on coding the webpage rather than designing it, give TextWrangler a spin. It's a free app that is basically like text edit, but specifically for writing code for a variety of languages. Just choose html in the preferences and it will colour the code so that it becomes more readable. It is a lot easier to organize your webpages and your code in progress.

    Bare Bones Software | Download TextWrangler

    Hope this helps

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    iWeb -- already on your Mac. Basic but very elegant and couldn't be easier. Have a look at the tutorials.

    Rapidweaver -- $40, very quick and again nice-looking web pages, more advanced that iWeb but very easy to use. Lots of add-ons for extra $$.

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    I've always liked Netscape 6 (not 7 or 8). The built in Web page building capabilites are simple, easy and basic. You can still find it on the web.

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