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Thread: best newsgroup reader

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    best newsgroup reader
    i'm a little new to the mac side and was wondering what is the best newsgroup reader ? i've seen a few around and didn't really want to waste my time with the bad ones...any help would be appreciated..thanks

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    I think Unison is the best newsreader I've ever used on any platform.
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    I like and use Thunderbird. It's free and has versions for Linux and Windows as well as OS X. The package also includes a fairly good Mail client.

    To cwa107: Unison is indeed a good newsreader. I used Agent for many years while diddling around the groups in Windows. It was my favorite newsreader until they added so much fluff it became difficult (for me anyway) to use.


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    Is a newsreader the same as a RSS reader?
    If so, I really like NewsFire, it looks like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McYukon View Post
    Is a newsreader the same as a RSS reader?
    No. Newsgroup Readers are nntp clients, not RSS clients. NetNewsWire and NewsFire are RSS clients.

    Personally, I use MT-Newswatcher. Unison is probably nicer, but it costs money. Thunderbird is...well, a nice email client, but NNTP seems like an afterthought.

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