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deadbobsuncle 04-10-2010 03:53 PM

Software problems regarding serial numbers
I have been using an adobe application for a long time which... lets just say i shouldnt have. I know many frown upon this but i am a photography student without lot of cash. If I did have the money i would gladly pay as a <3 adobe and i plan to as soon as i start my proffesional career.

I accidentally clicked allow instead of deny to send information via little snitch and now i cannot use the software as it constantly believes i have over stayed my 30 day free welcome and the serials no's no longer work.

Question *1 - Is there any way I can fix this easily without reformatting or reinstalling OSX
Question *2 - If I have to reinstall OSX will it fix this problem and will i still retain all of the other programs installed and will they work as they did before or will it have to be a full reformat?
Question *3 - Could using a different serial no be a simple answer to this problem?

blackmac11 04-10-2010 06:01 PM

Sorry, you aren't allowed to talk about illegal/stolen software on the forum:


Respect copyrights and the law.
Don’t discuss or conduct content theft or any other illegal activity. Period. We follow U.S. law on the forums, so just because something might be legal in your country doesn’t mean it will be allowed here. If you’re ever in doubt, contact one of the moderators before you post.

We want you to share, but don’t link images or files from 3rd-party servers unless you have their permission. - Announcements in Forum : News and Community Announcements

vansmith 04-10-2010 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by deadbobsuncle (Post 1033482)
Question *3 - Could using a different serial no be a simple answer to this problem?

A legit one would work.

If you're a photography student, I'm willing to bet that you're school either sells cheaper copies or has a deal with Adobe that allows them to give you a copy. Consult your school for more details.

bobtomay 04-10-2010 07:45 PM

The Adobe educational store:

Adobe - Student Editions

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