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Thread: Issue with Mac Office 2008 equations

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    Issue with Mac Office 2008 equations
    I'm writing my MS thesis using Mac Office 2008 12.2.4. I am inserting many equations using the Mathtype that they integrated into Office. Whenever I reopen my file the day after closing it, at least one of my equations is replaced by that lovely red X, and I have to retype it. This is really getting on my nerves. I tried saving the equations as pictures, but they just don't turn out as sharp that way.


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    Equations are inserted and saved as "objects". There should be no problem with saving them unless this is a bug. I routinely insert and save objects in Word 2008 with no problem, however, I don't have a need for equations. I see no reason why they would not save. The red X you're getting is the symbol that shows up when an object or picture can not be found.

    How are you saving your documents? Are you using compatibility mode or the newer XML? (docx) Whichever way you're doing the save, experiment with doing it the other way. If you still can't figure this out, you might want to ask one of the MS Mac Office experts that hang out in the Mactopia forums.

    Here's the LINK to the Word forum.

    Let us know.


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    Thanks for the heads up on the other forum.

    I've always saved them as .docx files.

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