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    Apr 07, 2010
    Problem syncing iCal with google calendar
    I have been using iCal with google calendar for a long time now till yesterday when it suddenly went foobar !
    After some time on the internet, I ended up deleting my Keychain entry for the calendar. Now I'm not able to add my google calendar back to iCal.
    I saw the following error in /var/log/system.log :

    Apr 7 00:54:45 TMBP iCal[329]: SecKeychainAddInternetPassword(NULL, "", "<######>", "/calendar/dav/<######>") Error -67061 "code or signature modified".

    where <#####> is my google ID.
    There is no error message displayed in iCal. But when it tries to sync, it throws error saying that
    "The server did not recognize your user name or password for account <#####>"

    Any help is highly appreciated !

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    Mar 14, 2010
    I had a similar problem, and was able to fix it by:

    - deleting my ical
    - opening keychain access
    - locking, then unlocking the keychain access window
    - recreating my ical account

    not sure if that was the exact order i did it, but those were the steps i had taken. Hope it helps.

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