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    How to Delete Games Completely?
    Hey guys,

    I recently bought three games for my iMac. I don't want to install them all on my iMac at the same time, though. I want to install one, play it, and then delete it to make way for the other games.

    I am wondering if the deleting of games on my Mac is the same as deleting applications? I usually use AppZapper to delete my application, and it cleans out a bunch of other folders and files that I'd otherwise miss. Do games work the same way as well?

    Thanks guys.

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    Your Mac should be able to handle having all three games installed at once, but each to their own. As for deleting them, AppZapper will work fine for deleting games.

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    If you're so tight on disk space that you can't have three games on there, you have bigger problems heading your way.

    I recommend a continuous minimum of 12GB free on a modern Mac's hard drive. Any less than that and you start to feel it the longer you use the machine.

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    Space isn't a problem, but I just don't like applications to be there when they don't have to. I suppose I might do just that, but I'd still like to know how to delete the games when I actually want to, you know?

    Thanks to you guys for the advice.

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