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    Finder plug-ins
    Hi all,
    I will try to explain.
    So far as I can tell, the term "plug-in" is used extensively in Apple help files. With regard to the Finder, it seems to mean that when you select a file or files, and right-click, the sub-menu that appears can have additional "plug-ins" (or actions?) added to it.
    It doesn't seem to work!
    For example:

    Automator: Examples

    If you follow the above link, it says you can add "plug-ins" to enable fast selection of pre-defined Automator workflows.

    Does anyone know if the ability to add plug-ins has been deleted from OSX?


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    Here is my understanding - a right click gives a Contextual Menu - in other words a menu in the Context of the Application that you are using. Plug ins that i have used are ones the work behind the scene to a great extent. Whereas Automator has 'workflows' that can be added to a 'Mini App' or workflow that carries out a series of steps. I have used plugins with Tiger Leopard and Snow Leopard but never as part of Automator workflow.

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    You're just seeing a case of obsolete help files that are not updated. The "More" menu referred to in the web page you linked to is gone, but none of that functionality is missing ... its just been moved to "Services" as of 10.6.

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