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    Saving any doc on Pages create folder on Desktop
    Hello everybody,
    I'm having a problem with apple's Pages software.
    After updating the Mac OS from v10.6.2 to v10.6.3, Pages keeps creating a folder every time i save some document.
    The folder is named after the doc. like if you save a example.pages it create a "example.pages Folder" on the desktop. The folder content is some images used on the document, xml files and a pdf with the document preview.
    The creation process looks like an extraction from the StuffIt expander.
    I already looked into the preferences of both apps and couldn't resolve the problem.

    Someone have experienced the same problem?Hints?

    Sorry my english, not my native language.


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    hi guys,
    I think i solved the problem.
    The StuffIt expander was set to expand automatically any .zip .rar on the desktop. I wonder why it was creating that folder when i saved .pages archives on the desktop.
    I'm not used to any file archiver on mac.
    I like the StuffIt but it misses the "extract here" function.
    what file archiver do you use?

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    Not a single reply?!?
    i'm used to that on others forum on the web but was expecting more from a whole forum made by advanced mac users.
    Not one of you have a tip on a file archiver for mac? =/
    i didn't came here with the intention to get my problem solved and leave and that kind of disregard with new users it isn't a good "welcome to the forum".

    but, anyway, tks!

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