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Thread: CS3 Crashes after upgrade from 10.4.1-10.6.3

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    CS3 Crashes after upgrade from 10.4.1-10.6.3
    HI there, I upgraded my MacBook from 10.4.1 to 10.6.3 and had no trouble for a week. All of a sudden my CS3 Photoshop Extended refuses to load, it crashes after being open for 3-4 seconds. Is it possible this is because of the upgrade, even though it ran smoothly for a week? Any ideas out there? I'll call Adobe tomorrow when biz lines are open, perhaps they can help? Thank you! MK

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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Please read before posting in Rumors & Reports.

    Since 10.6.3 just came out yesterday, not really sure how you've had it for a week.

    If you mean you updated to Leopard a week ago and it was working until you updated to 10.6.3, it's probably time to boot from your backup and restore back to 10.6.2 until it can be figured out. Good luck with Adobe. If you get some info from them, do post back for others that may run into the same issue.
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    Hi, I think you must be correct. I upgraded to Leopard a week ago, then I guess it went from 2 to 3 when I went online and upgraded software. I;ll follow your advice and post any info I get from Adobe. Thank you and whoops for posting in the wrong forum...I was fooled by the word Reports!

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