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    I cant find the Marketing Part Number of iLife 09 !!!!
    Hi guys, Im trying to register the product of iLife 09 in and the ask me for the Marketing Part Number (MPN) and I cant find it on the system of my macbook pro !!!

    Can some buddy help to find that code to register my product in the site web please !

    Thanks !

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    If you are referring to a copy of iLife 09 that came on your computer, stop. You don't need to register this. It's already registered (done when you registered the computer).

    If you're referring to a boxed copy of iLife 09 that you bought in order to upgrade from a previous version, the MPN should be on the retail box near the bar code. It should look something like this: MB966Z/A

    (note to everyone who might read this: the MPN is nothing to do with a serial number, iLife doesn't require a serial number. This MPN code is not mandatory to registering, it just tells Apple what revision of the product you bought.)

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