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Thread: German Translation Tool

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    German Translation Tool
    I'm trying to help a friend who is translating German text into English. We have tried the Google Translator, but it becomes confused with certain German words, phrases and letter symbols, producing odd results.

    To try and make the translation process more efficient, we have scanned pages of the book using a Canon scanner in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mode.

    The scan itself is successful, but the recognition isn't. Omnipage SE simply doesn't recognise certain German letters, eg. letters with the umlaut above them, like ӓ, ё etc, also the letter j. Interpretation of those letters produces some strange text.

    There is probably some sort of language translation tool that one can add to applications like Omnipage, that will overcome the recognition glitch. Does anyone know of such a tool?
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    Yes, she's called Frau Bauer, and costs £10 a night.

    Seriously though, no, because of the umlauts etc, most translation tools really struggle.
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    Translation tools are only going to take you so far. At some point, you need an actual bilingual proofreader to look over your work.

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