Alright, well I decided that I wanted to switch from always using a web browser to check my Email to an Application for all the features that come with it such as viewing mail while offline. What better application to use than my already installed Mail app.

I had actually tried using Mail a while ago, but there were connection problems and my Mail didn't send or wasn't able to connect. I figured I'd give it another go.

I'm using imap and a Gmail account on Mail 4.2 on my new MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.

First I added all of my information and set up the account. It synced with Gmail and everything was running perfectly. I sent an Email and it worked and I received an Email through it.

Right now on Gmail I'm using the Archive feature so my Inbox stays neat and I can still have all of my mail. So now, I wanted to keep all of my mail on a folder in Mail so I didn't have to access it through Gmail.

I went ahead and selected all the mail in my "All Mail" folder in my "Gmail" folder and dragged it to a new empty folder I made. A little wheel started spinning next to it and then a blue bar appeared at the bottom left loading messages. After about 12 messages it stopped and a few minutes late a message came up saying that a certain number (most) of my messages had not been moved. I tried again, but the same thing happened. I then tried doing it one at a time and it worked fine. 2 at a time took much much longer, but worked, however 10 at a time stopped halfway through.

Why won't it move messages and why does it take so long?