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Thread: office full version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudane
    I'm not saying that taking a copy of software isn't wrong, but it isn't depriving someone of stock. Put simply, it's not 'theft' - it's copyright infringement. It's still wrong, but don't try to make it into something that it isn't.
    According to the US Government and the government of most other civilized countries, software piracy is theft. Perhaps you should take the definition issue up with them. Theft does not have to be a tangible object my friend. Check the law books.

    Either way, I'm amazed that you're fighting this so much. Piracy is wrong. Despite whatever minutia you feel the need to argue over it is irrelevant. The act of piracy is both illegal and morally bankrupt. Despite trying to justify it by playing word games it will always be illegal. There is no justification for denying someone their rightly earned ability to sell something to the public regardless of what you want to call it.

    As for your quoting the guy who said he'd just use linux if he couldn't copy windows, then why doesn't he just use linux instead of doing something illegal? I'll tell you why, because he needs Windows for something. Some program. So feature. In the end if Windows could not be illegally obtained, it's almost a certainty he would buy a copy.
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    Fair enough. We'll leave it at that, otherwise we'll just be going round in circles

    I for one stick to using as much freeware or OSS as possible. Because $200 for an OS, $100 for the office package, then for every little tweak or utility you're looking at an average of about $30 a pop. When you need lots of little utilities and apps just to get started, it can get so expensive that nobody except the richest can afford all of it. This drives people to either pirate or use free stuff. I'm one for using the freebies as some of them (NeoOffice/J) can be of superb quality and there really isn't any need to steal. OS X is good this way also, as there is quite a lot of usable software bundled with it.

    As a matter of interest I bought Tiger despite the fact that there are no measures put in place to even try and stop people downloading and using the torrent. No serial number, no activation, nothing. It's very difficult to have the discipline to do that when you know that other people are getting it for free and Apple are doing nothing about it - but they deserve support. If you think I'm trying to justify piracy, think again - I'm just trying to be open minded rather than extreme either way.

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    I'm hopping in here late... forgive me...

    I tend to agree with the "Pirating is stealing, period" side of the arguement... With only one, sorta, exception.

    I started in the media/graphic design business as a teenager... totally self taught... and homeschooled... which means I never really had the option educational discounts... and even if I could get them my parents couldn't have afforded the programs as I am the oldest of 9 kids. So naturally the only way for me to learn was to find copies of software online. Getting ahold of $5,000 to buy a good machine, macromedia, final cut, and the adobe suite is just not really an option at 15.... especially in the dustbowl of Oklahoma.

    That being said I am now in my very young 20s and as of this year alone I have spent over $9,000 dollars with Apple... and thousands of dollars to other various software companies like Adobe buying their products to use for my business. But if I had not had access to those materials as a teenager then nobody would have gotten a dime out of me... Cause I'd be flippin' burgers today.

    Now, I have the rest of my life to pay back Adobe, Apple, Macromedia... 100 times what I "borrowed" from them as a kid. So there are some definite PR advantages to accessing these programs online. As long as it doesn't become a habit.

    Edit: Someone just gave me a bad rep point on this... Come on guys... No need for that... I am not running illegal software now. Just sharing my "testimony."
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    Unfortunately there are a lot of hard-line people who believe that even if you pay the developer back later several times over, you should still be hung drawn and quartered for what you did in the first place, even if it was for the long term good of the developer. You should be flipping burgers and that's that

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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Depending on the school you attend, you may get a better discount. In my case I was able to get a full M$ office license for $20. The license was only valid while I was in school.
    We have the same thing at the University at which I teach. Students can buy the disk that allows them to install it on their computer for $20 and I think when they leave school they have an option to buy the license for $40.

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