Hello All,

Please pardon me and give me directions if I am asking a question that most of you are aware of or has been answered before.

I am new to Mac and so far I love it except I am really missing the "Windows Live Mail" where I used to download my hotmail emails (from 2 accounts) which used to be a real sync and manage all folders.

Is there a similar app or a plugin for Mac where I can download my email every 1 minute and alert (like sound or notify) if I am using a different application at that time.

Kindly help me as I am really struggling with this for the past few days. Thanking you in advance.

P.S. I did try mBox Mail for Mac from Fluent Factory. It just doesn't download emails in background and notify instantaneously when you are using a different application unless you switch to the email application (Max Mail or Entourage)

Best Regards,