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    Unhappy Onyx document recovery?
    So I have been on Adium for several days now talking with a few friends about subjects that were very, very important to me. Today, I decided to run Onyx to clean my computer, since I like having it exceptionally clean. However when I went back on to Adium to read the logs, they weren't there -- I completely forgot I had 'delete chat logs' selected and now the conversations I had are non-existent.

    Put simply, I NEED those logs! Is there any way to recover what Onyx cleaned? All I want are the logs, and it sounds like there isn't a way to undo a cleaning or anything like that. If someone knows anything about this, I would be eternally grateful until the day I die. Thank you very much.

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    Do you have an up to date backup from which you can restore files?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Sadly no. I tried using Data Rescue 3 but it was just a demo and I couldn't find what I was looking for anyway. I have a data backup, but I haven't updated it lately so the logs will not be there.

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    Ahh well bad luck D-Rock as cache cleaning with Onyx will delete the logs.

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