Hi all -

This is a new problem. I have had my macbook since July 2008 and this just started happening 3 days ago. If I am on the computer for over an hour (plugged in, not using battery power at any point), and I use Photoshop Elements, I can close out of all my programs with no problems, but when I go to shut down it gets stuck on my wallpaper with the little circle going around and around and around endlessly. The first time I let it go about 15-20 minutes, thinking it was doing some kind of maintenance, and no dice, so I used the power button to turn it off. I did not experience any problems the next time I started up, so I thought it was a fluke, went along using multiple programs and the same thing happened when I went to shut down. It doesn't seem to happen if I just use Safari or Word or something, so I think it's realized to PSE. Best suggestion for a fix? Uninstall and reinstall PSE? Or is it just b/c Photoshop uses so much memory? I am currently using 50 GB of my hard drive and 60+ are "available".