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    Adding a toolbar to Safari
    Hello, this might be a very obvious question, and I apologize if it is, but I do have a question. It is a really common problem, usually worse than mine, for someone to have too many toolbar favorites in Safari. Now, obviously a solution to this would be just not having so many, but if you do have a lot and you want to keep them all visible whenever Safari is running, how can you add another toolbar for additional bookmarks?

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    You don't.

    What you DO do, however, is acquire a LITTLE bit of discipline. No, I'm not saying limit yourself to no more than eight to 12 bookmarks.

    Here's what to do: using the Bookmark Bar's "Show All Bookmarks" button, you can group your Bookmark bar bookmarks into folders. A folder appears in the Bookmarks Bar as a single name (lets say "News" as an example), but can have as many bookmarks INSIDE the folder as you like (though I strongly recommend you keep it to less than a dozen -- you can create sub-folders if you need to).

    That said, you really SHOULD separate your bookmarks into two broad categories: "frequently visited" and "infrequently visited." The former should be the ones you put in the Bookmarks Bar, and the latter should go into the Bookmarks Menu (and can also be grouped into folders -- for example I have one called "Local Arts" which then has subfolders like "Theatres" and "Cinemas" and "Galleries" etc). Makes it MUCH easier to find specific bookmarks with this little bit of organising done, and to file new bookmarks as well!

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    or the other option is use another client for other stuff...
    I think folders is the way to go to bookmark a lot of stuff...
    up there with the bEst of the bEst....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    Here's what to do: ....
    Or, get a really w i d e monitor!

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