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    Smart Mailboxes help
    Just playing around with smart mailboxes to organise my emails.

    I have set a couple up and the correct mails go to the correct smart mailbox, but they also remain in my inbox. Also when i tried deleting them from the inbox they were also deleted from the smart mailbox.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it works? I'm just trying to have them be automatically moved to the desired smart mailbox and not in inbox.

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    Smart mailboxes are not really mailboxes, they are ultra-fast searches using spotlight.

    Thus, you can't delete things out of them, since all you're really seeing there is "the emails from the various other (real) mailboxes that match the conditions you specified."

    If you want emails to be moved out of the inbox, set up real mailboxes and rules to move mails meeting those criteria to the other mailboxes. Here's a small example from my mail program (note how I'm using smart mailboxes vs. real ones):
    Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 12.24.58 PM.png

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    Thats a great help, thanks.

    May seem like a silly question, but can you tell me what those silver folders you have are for, are they different from smart mailboxes and normal mailboxes?

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