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    May 14, 2007
    imovie upgrade to v6
    hi- its been a while since i last posted on here.

    I have an ibook G4 running imovie version 5.0.2
    Now i want to upgrade and need version 6.

    I cant afford a new macbook and so far my little ibook runs fine.
    its just that version 5 on imovie is limited in a lot of ways.
    And you cant just jump to version 7 or 8 as ive tried it.

    So my question is,
    Does anyone have a copy of version 6 or ilife with imovie v6 I could have a copy of or if you were selling, id like to buy.
    Ive looked on ebay and it seems a bit pricey for an older programme now.
    I heard apple were posting it for free but then they took it down *boo*

    Any help then id be soooo grateful

    ibook G4 powerPC OSX
    ipod nano 4g and ipod 10g
    Wacom Graphire (sapphire)

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    eBay is the worst place to look for anything IMO.

    Here's iLife '06 for sale from MegaMacs for $35. There's shipping, but trust me... it'll be less than eBay. And it won't be used...

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