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    application to clean files from my mac?
    hi there!

    im looking for an application that could allow me to erase all little components of a software that i had installed for a while. im trying to reinstall it because i think i've got a bug, and i need to get rid of everything related with the software. i've heard about something called 'sweeper' ...

    any ideas where i can get a free application that can solve this problem?

    many thanks!!!

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    To remove an app from your Macintosh, drag its icon to the trash. Everything is contained within one bundle. It's not like Windows, where it spews files in every folder on your disk.

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    Au contraire JJ. Some files are left scattered through the filesystem but they are frequently tiny in size and should be of little concern. That said, they still exist. If they bother you, you can use something like AppCleaner to remove the application and any associated files.
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    Ohhh... I guess I just never cared enough to notice... hehe

    Aside from preference files or the occasional Application Support file somewhere in /System/Library

    ... I still can't care about those.

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    i use Clean My Mac
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