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    Google Chrome for Mac
    I want to switch from Safari since it seems faster, but I need two things:

    1.) Does Growl work with it? I want keyword searches in the address bar (i.e., you = youtube)

    2.) Is there a way to alphabetize bookmarks on Google Chrome?

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    What would Chrome do with Growl? Currently there is no connection between them..

    The URL bar in Chrome, also called the omnibar can be used to search Google or your chosen search provider or go to a specific URL. So, type in "you" causes a Google search that just so happens to return youtube as the first result.

    I use Delicious for all of my bookmarking needs so that I can share them across multiple PCs and can access them from any web not sure if you can alphabetize bookmarks, I'm going to guess no..


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    Why not just try it?
    I'm using it on my Intel Mac, and it's way better than Safari IMO.
    No I don't think you ca alphabetise bookmarks (I don't anyway!), but you could by organising them in the order you want by dragging them in the bookmark manager.
    If that's what you mean then yes!
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    I don't see anyway how Google Chrome would interact with Growl. I use Google Chrome for Mac Beta and it rocks.

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